1. Everybody has a story.

        We help you tell yours.

        Pen&Keys is YOUR communitions resource.

        We help you tell YOUR story –
        on air
        in print
        in person.

        Pen&Keys is a small business,
        in a small town,
        with a small staff,
        small overhead…

        …and BIG IDEAS!

        (See this background? This isn’t really our office. Shhh.)

        So, at Pen&Keys,
        your budget stretches further.
        You get all the service you expect,
        and none of the unnecessary expense
        you don’t need.

        How n Pen&Keys help you tell your story?

        Our Mission

        Pen&Keys provides businesses, organizations, and individuals with the communitions tools they need to ensure the message
        they want to convey is the message their audience receives.

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